Fertile Fibre Potting Compost


High nutrient level suitable for a wide range of plants giving strong, vigorous, healthy and sustainable growth. Contains high quality products for professional results.

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Do not compact Fertile Fibre or make it too wet. Loosely fill the pot with Fertile Fibre with the plant central in the pot, then tap firmly on a flat surface 2 or 3 times to give stability to the plant. No more compaction is required. Over-compaction increases the risk of water logging, reduces the AFP (air filled porosity) and restricts root growth and so plant growth. Fewer and smaller doses of watering are required, as once over watered coir takes a long time to dry out, therefore under watering is advised, this is safer with coir as it re-wets instantly putting moisture straight back into the coir and not down the sides of the pot as with other mediums which can shrink.
Soil Association permitted product containing certified organic coir.

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Weight20 kg
Organic Status

Soil Association Organic


Fertile Fibre

Made in the UK



60 Litre, 35 litre


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