Maxicrop Organic Tomato Fertiliser 1 litre


Maxicrop tomato fertilizer is high in potash which encourages tomato growth. Use Maxicrop tomato fertilizer to improve the size, yield and flavour of your home grown tomatoes. Maxicrop tomato fertilizer also contains a whole host of minerals and trace elements from its world famous seaweed plant tonic. These seaweed extract will help with healthy root growth but also bolster the plants immune system helping it to withstand attack from pests and diseases.

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Nitrogen – Stem and foliage growth.

Phosphorus – Root growth and flower and seed production.

Potassium / potash – Disease resistance and setting fruit.

Tomatoes need a fertilizer high in potassium as this is the element responsible for setting fruit.
Maxicrop’s Natural Seaweed Extract Plus Tomtato Fertiliser is a seaweed extract with added high potash fertiliser – for excellent yields of healthy, full flavoured tomatoes. Once they have tried it, many growers will use nothing else.

Best used as a root drench used throughout the tomatoes growth cycle. Use approx 3 capfulls (30ml) per 2 gallons or a standard watering can full.
NPK: 5.1-5.1-6.7

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