Gardening Calendar for November


November is a good month to do some essential preparation for winter.

To Do

  • Ok so theres not a lot to sow this month, but there are a few things you can, like Brun D’Hiver a great winter lettuce.  Have a look at the planting calendar for other ideas
  • Plant fruit trees and bushes now while they are dormant, we recommend using Carbon Gold’s Tree Enhancer and Protector.
  • Divide clumps of rhubarb once they are dormant
  • Prepare a bed now for perennials, great for planting up rhubarb crowns and asparagus crowns.
  • Make Leaf mould, the great thing about Autumn is giving us all those leaves we can put to great use.  If your not sure how to do it follow our guide.
  • Spread manure over your beds and let it rot down over winter
  • Turn compost heaps and really heat them up
  • It’s a good time to dig up root crop but try and leave parsnips in the ground until after the first frost
  • Plant garlic
  • Prune Apple and Pear trees
  • Set out new strawberry plant and runners.  Strawberry bed need to be refreshed every few years
  • Give all your bird feeders a deep clean this month so that they’re ready for winter when your wild birds will need them most.
  • Insulate the greenhouse to keep in the heat
  • Wash out old pots and have a good tidy up for winter
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