Gardening Calendar for May

May can be a little tricky for the gardener, late frost can sneak up on you or we can get glorious summer sunshine.

To Do

  • Protect vegetables and fruit trees from late frosts
  • Sow some more seeds, why not try some unusual squash like custard white, or more usual carrots (we recommend autumn king) try the plant now guide for inspiration
  • Watch out for aphids and other pests they can be a nuisance now, biological control are very effective when you spot pests
  • Seedlings you planted earlier may need pricking out now
  • Grow flowers for your birds, sunflowers are great for this and kids love to grow them, or try a wildflower mix
  • Add an organic mulch it will help retain moisture and add nutrient as it rots down
  • Carrots might need thinning now, carefully pick out weaker seedlings. Be careful not to attract carrot root fly by doing this in the evening
  • Some early potatoes might be ready to earth up now, get any potatoes left into the ground now.
  • Protect fruit bushes from birds they can decimate a crop in no time.