Gardening Calendar for March

DSCF0009Spring is definitely on it’s way this month, occasionally it stops raining and the sun comes out. Bulbs are showing themselves and the days are getting longer and thankfully warmer. March is often the busiest month for sowings, if your space is limited then plant your favorites first before you run out of room, or like me plant everything you can wherever you can, you can always give them away later.

To Do

  • Get sowing, there are lots and lots of organic vegetables to be sown this month. Check out the what to plant now guide for inspiration.  It’s the last chance to sow tomatoes and peppers
  • Add lots of organic matter to veggie bed and finish any digging.  Remeber not to dig in frozen or waterlogged soil.
  • Get the early organic seed potatoes that you have been chitting into warm soil, but don’t rush keep an eye out for late frosts.
  • Watch out for pests and protect any early shoots from slugs, Nematodes are available for delivery in March and will protect young plants for upto 6 weeks.
  • Soil that has been warmed with cloches and matting can have some early sowing, but check the weather for your area.
  • Take control early on and deal with any weeds that start to appear.  That hoe you sharpened over the winter is just the thing.
  • This is your last chance to prune fruit trees.  Take excess buds off young and biennial fruiting trees
  • Carry on planting bare root fruit trees and canes,  Make sure to protect them little critters (quite large geese in our case!)
  • Force rhubarb, use a dustin, a large pot or a pretty decorative forcer, just make sure there is no light and they could be ready in around 8 weeks.
  • Divide perennial herbs that are a bit overgrown and clumpy like mint and oregano
  • Create a wildlife pond to help out our native species of wildlife or clean and repair the lining of the pond you have.  Frogs and toads are great at keeping the slug population down.