Gardening Calendar for July


July can be the hottest and driest month of the summer.  It’s a great time of the year to sit back enjoying the weather and reap the benefits of freshly harvested crops.  Water conservation is important this time of year when any rain can be precious.

To Do

  • Lots of things can be planted this month, like lettuces, cabbage and radishes.  Why not try Golden Detroit beetroot which has an interesting colour variation.
  • Make sure carrots aren’t over-crowded and thin out, do this in the evening when the smell is less likely to attract carrot fly.
  • If your strawberries have started to send out runners, peg these down into the soil so roots can form.
  • Pests are always a problem, keep an eye out for slugs and aphids and treat early to avoid heaving infestations.
  • If your growing any of your veg’s in pots make sure to water them every day in hot weather.  Watering is best done in the evening to avoid evaporation.
  • If you have a greenhouse check the humidity regularly. Open vents in hot weather and put up shade nets to prevent scorch
  • Hoe regularly to stop weeds taking over, in dry weather they will wilt and die very quickly.
  • Take cuttings of your favourite herbs, these will root very easily in the warm weather.
  • Long dry days are a good time to do maintenance on sheds and other structures. A new lick of wood preserver or felt can keep your shed going for years.
  • If your fruit trees are cropping heavily support the branches to avoid them snapping.