How To Make Leaf Mould

Leaf mould is such a useful and versatile material for the gardener and it’s very easy to make the beautiful brown, crumbly material.

How to make leaf mould

  • Start with collecting up all of the Autumn leaves you can find in your garden.  Neighbours gardens and even from the sides of quiet roads are good places to collect from.  Any autumn leaves can be used but don’t uses any evergreens.
  • Running leaves over with the lawnmower or using a hoover with a shredder to chop the leaves up can speed up the rotting process.
  • Small amounts of leaves can be added to compost heaps to help the balance of your compost.  Large amounts are better being be made into leaf mould.
  • The easiest way to store them is to stuff the leaves into biodegradable leaf sacks.  Just tuck them into a dark corner of your garden and leave them to it.  If the leaves are very dry give them a little sprinkling of water to help them rot.
  • That s it all the work done! They will be ready after a year or two just leave them too it.  Leaves rot by the slow action of funghi rather than hot and fast bacteria and this can take time but is worth waiting for.

Uses for your leaf mould

  • Mulches, great around the bases of fruit trees and or on your vegetables
  • Dig into soil and use as a soil improver to improve structure and quality
  • Use as cover for bare soil over winter to stop soil leaching, even better when used with a green manure
  • Really well rotted leaf mould is great as seedling and potting compost