Gardening Calendar for December

December should be the quietest month in the garden, but as the saying goes there’s no rest for the wicked (or gardener).  This month the guide will help prepare for the busy season ahead.

To Do

  • One of the few things that you can sow at this time of year are broad beans for the earliest crops.
  • Prune fruit bushes like gooseberries and fruit tree.  Don’t forget to also protect your fruit trees from winter moth grubs with glue bands.
  • Any weeds you can remove now will save you some hard work later in the year.
  • Remove any over wintering pest lurking around but try not to disturb any beneficial insects taking shelter.
  • To help your wildlife over winter leave undisturbed log pile, special nesting sites and give your birds extra food and fresh unfrozen water.
  • Now is a good time to take care of your tools, repair and wear and tear, treat wooden handles and sharpen edges.
  • Prepare old pots for a new life with a good scrub clean, ready for new sowings in January.
  • If the ground is not waterlogged or frozen you can still prepare new vegetable beds, add lots of manure to beak down over the winter.
  • Plan your planting for next year, browse through the website and the planting guide for inspiration or order the new organic seed catalogue