Gardening Calendar for January


Every January has it’s own personality, it could be frozen solid, covered in a crisp blanket of snow or sloshing around in soggy mud.  Whatever the weather brings an enthusiastic start to the new year begins here.

To Do

  • Check on your stored vegetables, and get rid of any rotten ones. Don’t let them freeze either, when they thaw they will start to rot.
  • Dig over an empty plots to prepare for spring (if the ground isn’t frozen or a bog that is!) This is also a good time to plan your rotations for the year
  • Prune your apple and pear trees, and take hardwood cuttings
  • Plant new trees, fruits canes and hedges
  • Start forcing your rhubarb by excluding the light; an old bucket or bin is good for this. Forcing will make stems more tender and sweeter and ready about a month earlier.
  • Don’t forget to feed your birds especially in this cold weather, fat can be a life saver. Water is important too, so don’t forget fresh water when all else is frozen.
  • If you haven’t done so already give your greenhouse a good clean before you start any early sowings
  • Think about ordering your seeds, especially your potatoes, the most popular varieties will sell out early
  • Some seeds are available to plant now in a frost free greenhouse or indoors. Check out the plant now guide to see what can be started early.
  • If the weather is keeping you out of the garden now it a good time to do some maintenance on your tools. Well cared for tools last longer and work better.