Gardening Calendar for April


April has got to be my favourite month and it’s not just because of the easter eggs, who could not love the smell of blossom in the air.  Glorious warm sunshine or snow showers we need to be prepared for it all this month.  Take every opportunity to get out side and get those job done, but don’t fret if your suck indoor theres plenty to be sown on the windowsill.

To Do

  • Plant early organic potatoes in prepared bed or planters
  • Protect new shoot from slug attack, try using organic slug pellets or natural nematodes to keep them under control.
  • Start sowing outside, why not try some carrots or beetroot.  Keep an eye on the weather and use protection when needed.
  • There is so much that can be sown this month, pick your favourites or try them all.  Check out the what to plant guide for inspiration.
  • If your veg is starting to grow, then so are the weeds,  keep on top of them now to give your plants the best chance.
  • Give your trees a good organic mulch around the bases.
  • There is still time to dig over any plots you haven’t got around to yet and don’t forget to add lots of organic matter.
  • Keep an eye out for aphids and over wintering pests and treat them as soon as they appear.
  • Sow seeds for companion planting, try marigolds and nasturtiums.
  • Plant wild flowers, in border around ponds or as a meadow. There are  different combinations that bees,butterflies and birds will love.
  • Force rhubarb